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Certificate of Registration

Immediately after every uploaded file in your secure upload area  you will receive via email  this certificate  as a pdf attachment. The certificate shows: your name, company name (if applicable), username, title of registered work, file name, file size, registration ID, date and time of registration, security code and any other information you have given about the registered work. In the case of infringement, this certificate will be sent to the court dealing with the case.

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Artistic works

Paintings, sculptures, photographs, diagrams, logos, architecture.

uk literary copyright services

Literary works

e.g. Books, poems, manuals, song lyrics, computer programs, databases.

uk copyright services dramatic

Dramatic works

e.g. Plays, mime, dance.

uk music copyright services

Musical works

e.g. Songs, symphonies, operatic works, melodies.

SamuelleDesign typographical copyright services


A typographical arrangement refers to the layout of a work such as a book or web site.

uk recording copyright services

Recordings / Broadcasts

musical compositions, dialogue, designs, screenplay, music, film clips, audio clips etc.

Online Copyright automatically exists as soon as a creative work is available in a tangible form. This can be a logo, a book, an ebook, a CD, a DVD or another medium. Therefore, once you have written your song, your story, your drama, or created your painting or sculpture, then you are automatically the copyright owner. However, in order to establish proof that you are the genuine creator of the work (the copyright holder) we strongly advise you to register your copyright. Register first, then publish!
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uk copyright services

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