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Founded in 2019, Samuel leDesign is driven by the passion to design amazing and captivating logos that match our clients’ business goals. We work towards fulfilling our clients’ logo needs.

We understand that the value of a logo goes beyond symbolism. Logos are the face of any business. They communicate the nature and personality of a business. By looking at it, a client can recognize if a business is professional and trustworthy. Through it, new clients can distinguish your business from the competitors. In addition, logos are proven tools for building client loyalty.

As an element of brand identity, an amazing and unique logo will definitely create an enduring pipeline of real and returning clients. World’s great companies attribute their success to having a unique logo.

At Samuel leDesign, we are passionate about creating a memorable brand image in your clients’ mindsets by designing a stylish, professional and amazing logo for your business. We pay close attention to all the elements of logos including the colours, elements, fonts, shapes and image to communicate the correct and captivating message about your business.

We use Artificial Intelligence, which uses IBM Watson servers, to automatically streamline the logo design process. To enhance creativity and avoid taking away your company’s ambitions and visions, our team of experienced and talented designers and programmer feed the IBM Watson AI with the details from the client questionnaire. This approach also ensures maximum customisation of the logo. We maintain high-quality by reviewing the logo to ensure it conforms with the industrial standards before releasing it to the client.

Contact us today and let us build your brand identity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design excellent and professional logos that help our clients to positively and creatively communicate their brands and enhance client loyalty.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the most preferred and reliable company that designs amazing and unique logos by leveraging technology and professionalism.

Core Values

At Samuel leDesign, our culture and behaviours are intertwined with our core values. They guide our day-to-day endeavours in designing logos that meet the industrial standards as well as the clients’ needs.

Creativity and Uniqueness

As a logo designing company, we strive to provide our clients with original, authentic and unique logos. We leverage the power of professionalism and AI IBM Watson to enhance creativity. We carefully and professionally choose colours, fonts, images and shapes to effectively communicate your brand’s unique identity and personalities.

Client Focus

We are passionate about designing logos that exceed our clients’ expectations. We enhance the customisation of the end product by providing our clients with a survey prior to the commencement of the AI-powered design. Our team of skilled designers and programmer ensure our logo products meet the industrial quality standards.

Excellence and Quality

We strive to deliver logos that surpasses the status quo. We give maximum attention to every detail to ensure we do the right thing. We design logos with the ability to enhance your business’s competitive advantage and driver the desired growth.


We build an enduring and mutual relationship with our clients by delivering what we promise. We strive to meet deadlines, proactively and positively communicate with our clients, and deliver logos that exceed their satisfaction. You can completely rely on our logo products in enhancing your brand visibility.

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